Vitamin K3 – Chrome tanning agent

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Founded in 2009,Shandong Huasheng Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd, is one of the most professional manufacturers of feed additives.Our diverse product protfolio includes Vitamin K3,Chrome tanning agent and abundant chrome sludge recyling. The marketing network spreads all over the world. !–more–

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Vitamin K3(MNB)

Base on MSB ,conbining niacinamide molecular groups,MNB replaces sodium ion and 3 crystal water in MSB.

Vitamin K3(MSB)

Synthesize thrombase in animals liver, MSB is theimportant and essential nutriment substance for animals and beaste.

chrome tanning agent

Chorme tanning agent makes tanning more safe and economic, besides, the chrome content in the waste chrome liquid is low.

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