Our diverse product protfolio includes Vitamin K3,Chrome tanning agent and abundant chrome sludge recyling.


LIUHE Group Co. Ltd., which was founded in year 1995 with the headquarter located in picturesque coastal city of Qingdao, is mainly engaged in the industries of animal feed manufacturing, meat processing and cooking, livestock and poultry breeding, importing and exporting trade, animal production and financial guarantee. Currently, LIUHE Group owns more than 265 subsidiary companies nationwide with a total employee number exceeding 50,000 persons. In year 2009, LIUHE Group produced 10.1 million metric tons of feed, processed 1.25 million metric tons of poultry meat and hatched 216 million day-old poults with total sales revenue of 40.2 billion RMB Yuan. Both the feed sales volume and meat processing volume were ranked No. 1 in China.

LIUHE Group passed through a series of certification programs including”ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification”,”ISO 22000 Food Safety Certification”, “ISO 14001 Environmental Assurance Certification”,”GAP Good Agricultural Practice Certification”, “18001 Professional Health Safety Certification”, and “Standardized Good Manufacturing Practice Certification”.

LIUHE Group was awarded numerous honorable titles including “National Leading Enterprise in Agriculture Industrialization”, “Enterprise of National Food Safety Warranty”, “The Most Influential Brand of China Meat-processing Industry”,”Top 50 Feed Companies of China”, and was ranked No. 16 of”Top 100 Enterprises of Shandong Province”and No. 4 of Top 100 Enterprise of Qingdao City”respectively. In year 2005, “LIUHE”trademark has been honored as Chinese famous trademark. In year 2006 and 2007, the poultry feed and aquaculture feed were appraised as famous-branded products in China successively.

The business structure of LIUHE Group is based on two major industrial chains including broilers and ducks, which allocate resources to promote the establishment of large-scale commercial farms through self-investment or joint-development. LIUHE Group strives to build up an integrated industrial China highly focused on the traceability program in order to provide safe and trustworthy food for the consumers.

The feed business of LIUHE Group started from Shandong province, and has now expanded into more than 10 provinces that covers Eastern, Central, Northern, Northeast and Northwest China. LIUHE produces more than 10 series of animal feed, including feed for chicken,duck,swine,and aquaculture, which contains more than 100 kinds of feed products in the form of completed feed、concentrate feed、premixes. The technology center of LIUHE was titled “National Certified Technical Center of Enterprises”.

The meat business department of LIUHE is devoted to build up traceable food safety system and produce more than 200 types of frozen meat, fresh meat, marinated and cooked meat products for nationwide market. The meat products of LIUHE are marked widely throughout China, especially among 10 major economic zones of Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Nanjing, and Jiangsu, etc.. The broiler meat and duck meat were certified as non-hazardous agricultural products, and the duck meat products were awarded as nationwide famous-brand agricultural products. The cutting-up procedures of LIUHE for broiler and duck processing are referred by our Nation as the standardized grading criteria.

The animal production industry is related to broiler breeders, duck breeders, pig breeders, and commercial broilers. The advance of LIUHE animal production will stand on superior breed and production technology, invest on technological innovation and research, and develop new technique、 processing flows and products. LIUHE is devoted to promote sustainable development and create more values for the customers while explore environmental-friendly,lower cost animal production and lower carbon excretion economy.

The commercial trading department of LIUHE has established raw material supply base by cooperating with World Top 500 Enterprises, and co-developed commodity transportation and marketing channel in conjunction with nationwide business partners. Therefore, LIUHE can secure safe raw material and feedstuffs supply for its own use and strategic business partners as well. The new-arising financial guarantee system will keep developing and optimizing within Shandong province and adjacent provinces as well, in which not only offers financial aid and insurance to the terminal farmers, but also help supply technical and accounting support and services to the customers.

“To build-up world-class agribusiness enterprise” is the corporate vision and development strategy, “Kindess, hard-working, keeping on learning, and promoting harmony”s the corporate core-value. LIUHE Group will stick to the essential corporate culture and strive to bear more social and industrial responsibilities. In the future, LIUHE Group will be working even harder and exploring innovations so as to supply safe, trustworthy and superior quality to the market and to offer more warm-hearted, convenient and premium service to the customers.

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